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Box of Books Vol. IX

$ 40.00

By Darin Klein & Friends + Tiny Splendor. 

Each mini pink screen printed donut box contains twenty artist books, each risoraph printed in two colors. The majority fold out to reveal a poster on the back. Featuring work by: Devendra Banhart, Heather Benjamin, Elijah Burgher & Jonathan Carreon, Jeffrey CheungEdie Fake, Christopher KardambikisDorian Katz, Sanaa Khan, Cynthia NavarroJohnny Negron, Night Diver PressCaroline Paquita, Christopher RussellNathaniel RussellLouis M Schmidt, Danny Shimoda, Kenneth Srivijittakar, MaxStadniksweaterqueens = prvtdncr & bodega vendetta, and Cahill Wessel

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