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SENTIENCE by Carolina Hicks

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SENTIENCE by Carolina Hicks 

132-page, risograph, measures 8”x10”

As written in the book—

“Sentience (Volume 1) is a compilation of work pulled directly from my zines, sketchbooks, drawings, and teaching notes made circa ~2018 to summer 2023. A dense and messy assortment of recurring symbols, fears, desires, observations, confessions, questions, dreams, etc. The process of putting this together felt as chaotic as the images themselves; the psychic confrontation of pulling from the last five years was overwhelming. All the while, navigating the everyday highs, lows, and sweet banalities of being a person; processing loss, placer de ser. If I could distill one central thesis from all of it, or why I even make at all, it’s that being alive is the most intense thing I’ve ever experienced. I truly still can’t believe anything’s ever happened at all: por qué todo y no nada? But it’s all to say: I love it here with all my heart. In deep gratitude to the earth, for introducing me to everyone I love, and to you for reading there words.

Con todo mi amor,

Carolina Hicks”

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